Friday, January 9, 2009

Post Holidays

I am so glad that the holidays are over. I really look forward to that time of year... decorating the house, making yummy treats, and spending time with family. This year was just a huge adjustment for us. Now that I have a full-time job I have to work more over the holidays. I was not as prepared for this as I would have liked. Plus trying to decorate our first place together was interesting. For Christmas we did get a lot of new decorations for the house, which I love. Little plates with trees, stockings, and candy canes... who would have thought that would be such a fun Christmas gift?

Now that my house is back in order, I feel... at peace. This time of year also helps me to recognize the blessings that I have and appreciate the small everyday things in life.

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erica said...

yay! tiff, i didnt know you had a blog! keep posting! i will read! love you and miss you.