Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going to watch Tamra play some Volleyball tonight. I hope they win!!! Go Cards!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the Season's Have Begun!

Sunday: Amazing Race
Tuesday: Biggest Loser
Wednesday: Wipeout
Thursday: Survivor and The Office
It dosn't get much better than this!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Santa...

I really want a new camera so I can take some good pictures!

Monday, September 14, 2009

No real title

Sometimes I sit and think for a long time about what I am going to blog about. And I feel it never fails that I still don't have anything interesting to say. So I will bless you w/ a recap of my weekend.
Brian went out of town on Friday morning to Mississippi for a football game. Friday wasn't bad since I had to work all day anyway. After work I went to the Thomas' house for dinner. I am so blessed by them and their hospitality. I really wanted to stay and watch Cool Runnings w/ them and their children, however Piper had been in her cage since 8:00am and it was going on 8:30 pm when I left their home. Friday night I did not sleep well. When we first got married it was hard for me to sleep because I was in the bed w/ someone else. Now I can't sleep if he is not in the bed w/ me. I put pillows up where he would naturally be.
Saturday I didn't get out of bed until 10:30. That is so unusual for me. I guess because I didn't sleep the night before. I ran like 10 millions errands. First to London to get dog food @ tractor supply, then to the Wal-Mart there because it is so nice. The one in Williamsburg has NOTHING!!! Then I came home and went to the grocery. By the time I got home and pulled the groceries inside and put them away it was like 3:30. My day was almost gone all together. So I cleaned a little, made me some tuna helper and sat on the couch and read. Brian finally rolled in the door @ 3:00am.
I really miss him when he is gone! It makes me appreciate him that much more.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I finished my first 10K. It was grueling... More hills than imaginable. But I finished. And even thought it was not the greatest time in the world... I finished and I conquered the hills.
After the race we went to lunch and then I came home and did the dishes then went back to bed. It's amazing how running wears me out.
During the race it rained a little before and some toward the end, so needless to say my socks and shoes got wet, which in turn caused blisters to come on the balls of my feet. They are not too bad though because I can wear dress shoes to work today w/ out any problem.
I wish I had some pictures to show from the race. All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent w/ friends and I loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Running in the rain

Recently I have been attempting to prepare for a 10K on Sept 7th. I have not been as disciplined as I would like to be, however. I really love to run in the mornings when a lot of the world is still asleep and I can weave on and off roadways without the fear of getting hit. (The cars are still there, but not nearly as many.) Since Brian has to be at work earlier, we have not had the opportunity to run in the morning. So we went for a run last night... and this is why I don't like to run in the afternoon/ early evening.
6:30 Brian gets home from work
6:45 Drive to running destination (pouring like crazy)
7:20 Drive to another running destination (small drizzles)
7:30 Start run... get stopped by two different people to chat. Nice, but not running condusive.
8:10 Finish run
8:30 Eat dinner
And then... my whole evening is OVER!!! And to top it off I was running up this huge hill on campus and to my left I hear it... THE DOWN POUR. You know the rain that you can see and hear coming? So I hightail it up the hill and by this time Brian has gone after the car with the dog, who mind you is disgusting from the lite drizzle rain. And it hits! Needless to say we went running in the rain. A monsoon. Ahhhh.