Thursday, December 16, 2010

1.5 Snow/ Ice Days

Working in a doctor's office has it's ups and downs. One of the downs is getting up and getting ready as I watch everyone's school's scroll across the bottom of LEX 18 showing they have the day to stay at home in the warmth out of mother natures way.
Well... not any more folks. Monday we had 6.25 inches of snow here in Williamsburg, which translated to no work for me or Brian. Clinic was closed and Whitley Co. was already out of school (and they have been all week so far). Also... Thursday we had 1/2 day off for the ice accumulation. I didn't come to work today until 12:30pm. I really liked having the morning off. Brian and I watched a movie and then I cleaned the bathroom and we had some lunch together. It was a nice morning off, plus our deck was a solid sheet of ice this morning. I'm really glad they decided to wait it out and I also don't have to take a lot of vacation hours. I'd rather have those for vacation this summer! :O)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving On

Brian officially will be finished with his job on December 17th. I'm not quite sure how this makes me feel. I will be more than happy to have my husband home on nights for dinner and weekends together, but I have somewhat adapted to life alone. I am really lonely when he has been away for sporting events, but one must realize it has been this way since we were married. We got married in May of 2008 and he started in July of 2008, so my whole marriage has been Brian working "again". I have gone to many family events by myself and have taken many road trips to meet friends so I was not alone.
Now Brian will be home more, and I'm going to have to adapt to that as well. I can't imagine what life will be like when we have every weekend together. Most the time when he had weekends off we went to visit family or friends, or they came to us, so we really had very few weekends with just us. I am excited to finally have that experience that most couples get often.
Brian's current work plans include subbing until something full time comes open in the PE field. It's difficult to find something in the middle of the school year as well as in PE. So prayers are welcome as we try to figure this stage of life out. Hopefully moving on from being apart so much!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Reflection (I stole this, but really was challenged by this!)

Lately, there have been a lot of things that have challenged me and have made me do a lot of reflecting. Reflecting on life, love, and everything in between. The two years or so have been unlike any other. They have been years of joys, of trials, of accomplishments, of pain, of self and spiritual revelation, and most importantly of thankfulness.

A few of the joys: Celebrating a 2 year anniversary. Adding a member to our family in Piper. Having my first "Real Job" followed closely by my 2nd "Real Job." Time with best friends and learning why I call them my best friends. Learning what the Bride of Christ looks and acts like. Answered prayers for family members going through hard times or uncertain situations. A relationship with my sister-in-law that I cherish and who teaches me a lot about who I am, even though she may not know this. Knowing deep in my bones that work is hard and rewarding at the same time when I hear a patient say "Thank you"!

A few of the trials: Going back to school to work on a degree I thought I never wanted to be in. Moving away from everyone and everything I have ever known. Being alone while Brian puts in hours and hours of work. Constantly feeling defeated and exhausted from work situations. Stressing about things in life that are completely out of my control and yet falling on my face before God because it's the safest place to be at that moment and knowing I have no where else to go. My husband's constant desire to do well in everything and still not feel appreciated by those around him. A team that doesn't always see eye to eye or get along.

A few of the accomplishments: Brian finishing grad school in the next few weeks. Having the ability to pay all our bills on time each month. Celebrating a year and 6 months at Dayspring. Overcoming/ understanding Electronic Medical Records. Fighting the fights patients don't care to and knowing (hoping) it's for the best. Getting my wisdom teeth removed. Running some of the best times and longest distances ever.

A few of the bouts of pain: Questioning God's plans for us and fearing His plans in the same breath. Seeing my sisters struggle with relationships and finances. Brian being in a car wreck. Feeling defeated in my efforts.

A few incidents of revelation: Understanding that the things I worry about are meaningless. God has and always will be here to support, love, and work miracles. Knowing that my goal in life is to see God known and glorified, and that should be my focus.

A few things to be thankful for: A godly husband who continues to challenge and serve me in spite of myself. A place to call home. A job. Health care. A mode of transportation. A supportive family. The Bible. Salvation. This list could go on for days!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Dear God,

Help Brian find peace in what he is supposed to do when he graduates (ie December). Help me to shut my mouth and just listen for now. Help him have discernment about what is best for our family. Continue to bless our endeavors to make YOU known and glorified, whatever that looks like!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Garmin 305

So, I finally got my loans defered since I am back in school now. With this extra money we were able to purchase a very cool new toy. It's a Garmin 305 watch. We use it for running and since I am running more it has been so helpful. All along my 1 mile marker has been wrong! Today we went for a 4 mile run to see how it would do. Since we also live in the middle of the mountains, it has been helpful calculating elevation. I am really impressed! I really like seeing my run maped out like that. Brian has been wearing it so when he has to stop for Piper to have a potty break we can see all of those little breaks she has. I keep running and they evantually catch up. It's pretty funny!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I wish I had something interesting!

The title of this blog hits the nail on the head. I wish I had some cool pictures to share or an interesting story to blog about, but I got nothing. I have not had my camera out for sometime now and that makes me sad. I really need to be better about that, but I don't think about it until it's too late.

School is going really well! Brian is swamped, but what's new. I have been doing well keeping up with my assignments and passing my exams, which makes me very happy! I have three weeks left until my first class is finished and then I begin my 2nd of the semester, which will have me completed 6 grad hours. I'm pretty pumped that Cumberland has such an awesome program that you can do that.

Hopefully we will go to the apple orchard soon. I will take my camera, so maybe there will be some fun pictures from there to grace my blog. :O)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Has this emotion ever overtaken you? "I'm just empty Lord!!!"

I always find myself singing this praise song when all that's within me is dry. I will sing praise when I have nothing else!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Experiment :O)

I officially begin grad school in one week. I'm pretty excited about my first class. Issues and Trends in the Special Education classroom. When Brian had this class he always asked me questions about ADD and ADHD, so I think the material will be new and fresh. It's going to be weird starting homework again, but I think I can manage. I even did a five page paper for Brian while he was crazy busy with football starting back up (ssshhhh...). I'm pretty excited and ready to start this adventure!

We actually purchased some sheers to cut Piper with. Brian attempted it for the first time a few weeks ago. She looked pretty good aside from having stripes down her back from the clip not being short enough. I don't think Brian was brave enough to go that short. I finally took the sheers from him and went to town in areas that were longer than others and around her face and tail. She really likes being shaved. Brian's comment after the experiment, "I guess I should have watched the instructional DVD." Her nickname has been stripey until we master the technique. I totally respect groomers. It looks easy, but that is not the case.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The End of the Beginning

1. Brian starts pre-season in 2 weeks... :O(
2. We are thinking about going camping this weekend, but I think it may be way too hot.
3. Classes for me begin in about 4 weeks... eeekkk!
4. Brian keeps talking about getting a truck. It's the only thing on his radar! TACOMA!
5. Piper got shaved this summer. I think it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Now I'm wondering how much a set of sheers cost so I can do it myself from now on.
6. Work has been INSANE!!! I feel like it has been a full moon for about 3 weeks now.
7. Running the Miners Mile in about a month. One of my favorite races because so many people at my work place participate!
8. Really looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for us this semester!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything on my blog. A lot has happened since my trip to Utah.

We went on vacation to Treasure Island with Brian's family this year. We try to go every two years. We had an amazing time. We layed by the ocean a while, layed by the pool a while, played putt putt, and had ice cream. It really was a restful vacation, which is always right up my alley. In 2012 we are thinking about going to Virginia Beach/ Colonial Williamsburg/ DC. I think all of those options sound fun and would really enjoy a trip to a museum as well.

My sister delivered her baby since I last posted as well. Ronald Lucas, 7 lb 10 oz. Very sweet and cute little guy. We really enjoyed getting to meet and snuggle with him a few weeks ago.

We have also been traveling a whole lot this summer. Every weekend we have been away from home. Wedding, graduations, visiting... It has been really nice though because we can't do all that when Brian is in season with sports. We have enjoyed celebrating with friends and family who have tied the knot or have closed a big chapter in their life.

I guess that's all to report on for now. Still blessed and enjoying the ride this far! I wish I had summer's off. I envy all those teachers out there!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Salt Lake City

I returned from Salt Lake City on Sunday. I had a wonderful time and was so excited to get back home to Brian and Piper. The things I miss the most while I'm away... Brian, Piper, my bed, my pillow, and my shower. Ahhh... home!

It was beautiful in the mountains though. Little bit cold and difficult to do my running due to a decrease in oxygen associated with altitude. All in all, it was amazing to see mountains with snow on top.
This week has been exhausting at work. Being off for 3 days and then coming back with jet lag to a very busy first of the month schedule wears me out. I have Monday and Tuesday off, however, which will be nice and well deserved. It's our 2 year anniversary! Well... posting some pictures from our trip.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another List

1. Completed day 5 of week 1 P90X. Starting to feel a lot better, although Yoga was difficult. It is going to take some time to get that flexible. I am encouraged to know I kept up really well with today's legs and back work out. Tomorrow... Kenpo (I think it's like kick boxing). Let's see how well my legs hold up for that.
2. Registered for my first two classes of grad school. I am pretty excited, but nervous about doing homework again.
3. We are really praying about some upcoming future plans for us. I don't want to say too much because... well we just don't know anything for certain.
4. Really looking forward to this weekend and going on a date with Brian for my birthday!
5. In 2 weeks I will be in Salt Lake City.

Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend we headed north for my little sisters senior prom. Bittersweet that all of us are done with prom. I thought I would never see the day. It was a fun filled weekend and Tamra looked beautiful!

When we returned home we started the P90X workout program. Yesterday was chest and back along with abs. I was surprised how well it went. I though I would be dripping with sweat, but they actually give you plenty of time to rest in between sets. I took a shower afterward and could hardly wash my hair though. Jello arms!
Today was the Plyometrics. This was intense. There was sweat pouring off of me. "Explosive cardio jumping routine proven to dramatically improve athletic performance". The websites explanation of it. I will be lucky if I can walk by the time I get home from work today. Gratefully no abs today.

P88X left. I am going to stick it out! Can't wait to see some hardcore results!

Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010 (the beginning)

Why is it when you go on a diet the only thing you can think about is food?!?!?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

Brian finished the race! He did so awesome considering the circumstances. It pored the rain and here are Brian's results.

Brian Schaad
bib number: 3768
age: 23
gender: M
location: Williamsburg, KY
overall place: 394 out of 2064
division place: 27 out of 65
gender place: 313 out of 969
time: 1:50:29
pace: 8:27
gun time: 1:50:53

His sister Jenny also did the 1/2. She walked it and did such an amazing job! I don't think that I could have done it.
Hopefully one day I can run a 1/2 marathon. This is my only running goal in life. I sucked at the 5K on Saturday, but I am not giving up. Now begins the hard core weight loss and preparation for the Bluegrass 10K, which isn't until July3rd, but I need to loose some weight and some serious time off the clock. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 22, 2010

6 days away...

There are six days left until the big race on Sunday. Brian has been preparing like a mad man, and well since I am only in the 5K, I have been doing as little as possible that I can do and still get away with. (hehehe) Yesterday was my first speed workout of the year. We went to the local track and I ran 6 laps (1.5 miles) in 13:47. I was pretty proud of myself, even though it wasn't the fastest. For me... it was pretty fast.
This weekend we are going to Cynthiana to hang out with Ash and Forrest and get into whatever they have planned. They bought a house and have been going crazy trying to get it ready. So we may be moving them, or we may be packing them, or maybe a little of both. Either way, I am pretty excited and anxious for some Ashley time! :O)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sadly enough every time I come to blog I never have anything interesting to say, so I read everyone else's and then exit out. So here is an updated list of some of the things on my mind most recently.

1. Brian is preparing for his 1st 1/2 marathon. I am pretty excited for him and am encouraged by his determination. I, on the other hand, am running a 5K that day because I am sooo not ready for a 1/2.
2. I had oral surgery last week for a gum graft and I am so ready for this to be over! Today I had 4 of the 6 stitches removed, which went well, but caused a lot of discomfort afterward as well as some swelling. Sadly, it needs to be done again on the other side of my mouth.
3. This past weekend was beautiful and I was blessed by the sunshine. We were in the 60's on Sunday and took advantage of it. Piper got a walk on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was like a heat wave.
4. Two of my great friends delivered their 1st babies 2 days apart. Congrats Laura & Jonathan and Sue & Anthony! Everyone around us is getting pregnant. I think currently I know about 7 women who are expecting, not counting my patients at work. That's another story all together.

I guess that's it. See... we are boring!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey God...

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you feel like God is not sharing with you the plans that he has for your future? I know that sounds weird, but in my Beth Moore study she had a similar experience, so I don't feel so "out of tune" with God. Anyway... Brian is rounding out his education at UC soon, or at least I think so, and I'm beginning to explore my options for graduate work. The problem is I am really unsure of what that looks like. Working in social work it appears that you are always under a grant. This is not always secure, so I am thinking about possibly teaching. Mostly because when we have kids I want to be home with them during the summer and on snow days. It sounds like a lot of work looking for child care when there is a snow day. Also, Brian will be teaching one day, so it would make sense that we have that time together as well.

My question is... do I have a desire to teach? I DON'T KNOW!!! This Thursday and Friday my beautiful friend is opening up her classroom to give me a glimpse in the life of a teacher. She says she thinks being emerged in the classroom with 25 students will give me some direction as to if I want to teach. Everyone that I have sought council from has told me they think I would do well because of my organization skills and social work background. So... after this week, prayerfully I will be able to see a little more clearly and at least answer that pending question. Comments welcome! Lord knows I need them!