Thursday, December 16, 2010

1.5 Snow/ Ice Days

Working in a doctor's office has it's ups and downs. One of the downs is getting up and getting ready as I watch everyone's school's scroll across the bottom of LEX 18 showing they have the day to stay at home in the warmth out of mother natures way.
Well... not any more folks. Monday we had 6.25 inches of snow here in Williamsburg, which translated to no work for me or Brian. Clinic was closed and Whitley Co. was already out of school (and they have been all week so far). Also... Thursday we had 1/2 day off for the ice accumulation. I didn't come to work today until 12:30pm. I really liked having the morning off. Brian and I watched a movie and then I cleaned the bathroom and we had some lunch together. It was a nice morning off, plus our deck was a solid sheet of ice this morning. I'm really glad they decided to wait it out and I also don't have to take a lot of vacation hours. I'd rather have those for vacation this summer! :O)

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