Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paid In Full

2008 Corolla is now paid in full. YEA!!! Our 5.5 year loan was reduced to 3 years. Once Brian wrecked his car we were able to take what we received from his car to pay off the Corolla. We are continuing to save money to purchase his car and we are still (gratefully) driving my parents van. He has now almost completely decided to purchase a Rav4, which makes me very happy. I like the idea of a truck, but what are we going to do when we have 1 or 2 kids and Piper? With an SUV we can put Piper in the back.

Also... lost another 1.4 pounds this week. Still going strong!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another HUGE Snow!

Today I got another snow day at work. I think Brian estimated a total of about 21 inches this winter. That's a ton for this area. So like every other snow day, I got up at my normal time and climbed in the shower. I didn't even bother to see what it looked like out. When I got out of the shower I was putting foundation on when I heard my phone text message alarm. I went to my phone to see a text from my boss saying clinic was cancelled today. So, what did I do? I climbed back in bed and slept till 9:30. I started some homework (which I am nervous about since I am taking 2 classes at the same time) and then got on the treadmill. Over all it turned out to be a good lazy day with Brian watching movies.

In other news this was the first week of our diets. Brian and I both lost 5.8 pounds. We have been doing weight watchers and running 4 days a week. The other days we have been walking Piper around our subdivision or campus (when we can get out). I hope we continue to do well and loose weight. I have felt really hungry this week, but when I do I drink a big glass of water. I guess it has been working. Good week!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

And so begins another year...

As I think back on 2010 there are a lot of things I reflect on. I won't discuss all of them because I did that in a previous post. One thing I keep finding myself going back to is how amazing my husband is! I knew I married a pretty awesome man on May 17, 2008, but I only brushed the surface of how much I needed him and how God choose him for me. Over the past 2.5 years God continues to show me that he choose Brian to be my husband because He knew what I needed in a husband. The song by Brad Paisley describes it best by saying, "I thought I loved you then". I never thought I could love Brian any more than I did the day I married him. I know I'll think back to this post when we have been married 50 years and think the same thing.

So... I'll quit being mushy and talk about my plans for 2011. I want to emphasize my because... well I always think I have it together and then God puts my life back into check.
1. Loose 20-25 pounds.
2. Buy Brian a car.
3. Start to plan our family.
4. Have both of us employed.
5. Have my Masters 1/2 done.
6. Visit Mickey Mouse.

I guess that about rounds it out.