Sunday, October 10, 2010

Garmin 305

So, I finally got my loans defered since I am back in school now. With this extra money we were able to purchase a very cool new toy. It's a Garmin 305 watch. We use it for running and since I am running more it has been so helpful. All along my 1 mile marker has been wrong! Today we went for a 4 mile run to see how it would do. Since we also live in the middle of the mountains, it has been helpful calculating elevation. I am really impressed! I really like seeing my run maped out like that. Brian has been wearing it so when he has to stop for Piper to have a potty break we can see all of those little breaks she has. I keep running and they evantually catch up. It's pretty funny!

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Bekka said...

Hooray for new toys! :)