Thursday, October 8, 2009

Road Trip!

Going on a road trip this weekend with some of my favorite girls to watch our husbands run a 200 mile race. I'm pretty excited to have some girl time and I'm praying diligently for the health of my husband during the race! Please join me in prayer for him. Asthma is not fun!


erica said...

Praying for him and you! I hope they do well on this run. Thats a really really long run! shew, i'm not sure I have that in me. hehe! I hope he is well and full of energy and that asthma stays away. I hope you are doing well lady!

Bekka said...

Can't wait to road trip with you! I just finished my 5th mix cd for the road...perhaps I've gone overboard... :)

Go Team Roadkill!!!