Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Is anyone else ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? Everyone here at work is ready for it to come and go so that we can prepare for Christmas. This will be my first Christmas celebrating with these co-workers and I am pretty excited. I enjoyed Christmas at my last job. I really just enjoy the season, but mostly I love decorating. We have a new tree this year and lots of new ornaments. We try to get a new ornament when we go on vacation, or when something fun happens that we want to commemorate. Piper got a new one this year to celebrate our first Christmas with her and we also bought one at NIBROC from this woman who personalizes them. We got one when we went on our honeymoon and we have picked up a few along the way here and there. Wal-Mart has their Christmas section up, so of course I had to drag Brian over to look the last time we were there. I think the reason I like Christmas so much more now is because we have a place that we can decorate that is not shared with other roommates or our parents. Can anyone relate with my excitement? 45 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!! But for now, lets enjoy Thanksgiving!

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Bekka said...

I'm with you about being excited! I'm hoping to get an "first Christmas in our new home" ornament. Also, Christmas break. Nothing else needs to be said about that. :)