Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Brings New Beginnings

With March has come many changes for the Schaad Household. With them I have been challenged, stretched, and angry at times. With these feelings, I have felt more distant from God than I ever have. I know it's because my heart was not in the right place, and I admit that. I also admit that I tend to be very selfish at times and that is where my anger came into play. To make light of a very long story that I am still trying to figure out, we are moving to Jellico Tennessee. Since Brian is no longer working for the University, and since our home is owned by the University, we need to move so others that work for the University can move in. With that being said, we are moving to an apt in Jellico. I have fought with God about this for multiple reasons, and the main one is WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BE? I feel like we have really always had some path that God has shown us to take... until now. I'm really learning a lot about patience and gratitude. I am very grateful that God provided a place for us in Jellico. I am just searching for God to show us if this is where we are supposed to be long term, or if he wants us to go somewhere else. God has not shown us for sure stay or for sure go, and that is what I find myself struggling with.

Until we get an answer, I am reminded of the Israelites when God didn't promise them they would not have to move every 2 years.

Until we get an answer, we will continue to serve Him.

Until we get an answer, we will continue to be grateful and wait upon the Lord.

Until we get an answer, we will be still.

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