Monday, March 30, 2009

God sure is funny!

To update on the last most recent post... I did not get the job in Knox County. However the following weekend I was presented with another opportunity to use my talents and gifts (if you want to call them that) to work for the Lord. I don't want to elaborate much more on it because I want to be sure it's not my emotions running off with me.

Something else to think about concerning running. I have recently been running a lot. I am probley in the best running shape that I have ever been in distance wise. I am thinking about running my first half marathon next spring/ summer. Any thoughts for those who actually read this?

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erica said...

Hey Tiff! sorry i never got back with you about the brownies. i dont know of the applesauce conversion.

any how, i hope your job stuff turns out perfect for you. That is awesome that you are planning to run a half marathon. I'm going to start training probably in may or june. The chicago half marathon is a good one to run first because it is mostly flat area. Go to and there is a training schedule on there for any type of runner. i used it to train! keep us posted with your endeavors. I'm sure Forrest can give you some running advice.