Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Oh the Places You Will Go..."

I GOT A NEW JOB!!! I am so excited to begin this new adventure. It's with Dayspring Health Clinic in Jellico TN. I will be working with the general population hooking them up with resources within the community to better assist them care not only for themselves, but their family. I don't think that I can say enough how excited I am. Due to this I will be taking some time off from my current job to rest before I begin. A total of 9 days. What will I do? It's almost two whole weeks.

Due to this new job we are now looking for a residence in Williamsburg so that Brian is closer to work and I am as well. Corbin is just too far away and there is no need for both of us to drive so far. I guess my vacation will consist of looking for a new residence and packing up the apartment.

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erica said...

That is so EXCITING!!!! Congrats Tiff, you deserve it!!! You should totally do some things for yourself on you 9 days off. I used to go camping when I was younger in Jellico TN.