Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life... in general

My new job is going great! I love the atmosphere and am blessed by the work environment. It's so much less stress and enjoying not to have to drive nearly as much. I have been working with the current care manager and seeing how she interacts with the patients. All of them are currently pregnant or just had their baby. Most of them are smokers and/or teen pregnancies. However there are some who have drug or alcohol addictions or just need help with formula or other resources within the community. The more I am interacting with the patients the more I realize how amazing God is. Who would have thought that this opportunity would have worked out so smoothly. I guess God.

During my time off I spent a lot of it visiting with family. I went to Bardstown to be with my sisters and mom for one night. I went to Georgetown to be with my other mom for mother's day, and I spent a lot of time sleeping. It was refreshing and much needed.

Brian is out of town until Friday in Nashville at a conference. He left last Thursday to go to DC to help friends move and he came back on Saturday, however since we were with friends we spent little time together. We came home Monday and he did homework all day and then when I got home from work on Tuesday he had class. So... I have not really had time to visit with him since last Wednesday, which is fine, but I hate being here by myself. WE NEED A DOG!!! (sigh)

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