Friday, June 12, 2009


Life has seriously been a whirl wind. We have been so busy.

Work is still going well... I love my profession even though a lot of people don't understand it. I really feel like social work is the Lord's work. Extending a hand to those in need was the main message Jesus came to deliver (other than that whole son of God stuff).

We are also moving. We got a house in Williamsburg right in between Jellico and Williamsburg. It will cut out a lot of driving for the both of us and save some money. I am so excited to finally have a house and not an apt.

Also... I went to a birthing class last night for work. I work with a lot of pregnant women, so this was helpful. Anyway... it was quite an experience since I am not pregnant. Learning how to breath and push... interesting. Also yesterday I got to watch a C-section. THE BEST BIRTH CONTROL is watching someone give birth or have a C-section. WOW!!! I thought that I was really good with blood and guts since I worked in surgery and recovery for so long. Negative... I almost passed out, and this was the case when I watched my younger sister give birth over a year ago. I don't think that birthing and labor are so good for me. :O(

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