Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We are finally moved into our new house. We are more than blessed to have such great friends who came to help us move. No joke, we had everything loaded in the UHaul in 45 minutes. To be honest I think it took about the same amount of time to get everything off of the truck as well. Granted we don't really have that much stuff, however it felt like a lot. Brian's parents stayed the night along with his sister to help us unpack and get our house organized better. That was a blessing as well. We had everything but one box for the bathroom done by Sunday and we moved on Saturday. The only reason we didn't get the one box done was because we don't have much bathroom space and needed to buy a self/cabinet for towels. Now we have that.

We also went and got our dog on Sunday night. She is a boxer beagle mix and her name is Piper. She is so mellow and lazy. I am so glad. She is the best dog ever. I will post a picture when I get my stuff together for the computer and camera.

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erica said...

That is awesome Tiff! Buying a house is huge!! I hope you post pics of both the house and dog. Now its time for babies. =)