Monday, August 31, 2009

So I realize that I have not been the best blogger since I opened this account... I just find that I am so busy with life that I hate to sit and stare at a computer screen.

So here are some updates from the Schaad family. Brian had a crazy pre-season, but thankfully nothing was not as crazy as it could have been. He worked a lot and slept more than last year, so I was thankful for that. We still didn't see each other much, but I have come to an understanding that it's what happens when pre-season rolls around. (It still doesn't make it any easier) So this fall he is working with football here @ the University of the Cumberland's and taking about 9 hours of grad work. After football is over he will go work w/ basketball. Needless to say this is going to be a busy fall/winter for him.

Work is going really well for me. My duties are so less stressful and I have not cried in this position, which was not out of the ordinary for me in my last job. I feel blessed and capable, which is huge in the professional world I feel. I have been working on the house when there is time and money available. I really want to get some curtains for the house, but I never realized how expensive they can be. We did buy a patio set yesterday since they are going out of season, and Brian spent nearly 3 hours putting it together. But it's nice and we can't wait to use it when we have company over.

Other than that there is not a whole lot to report on. We hope to have dinner with my sister, Christy, who now lives in Tenn, this Friday. Then we are having our friends come over for a fun weekend of wedding festivities and a race here in Jellico on Monday. Things are bright!

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