Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steal of a Deal

I was so happy to finally see this weekend. Friday night Brian and I lounged around and had some great dinner together. It has been a while since we have had a weekend to rest together. We were in bed by 9:30 and it was FABULOUS!!! It sounds bad that we go to bed so early on a Friday. On Saturday Brian had his spring football game with the University, which went really well even though it rained. I woke up and went to Knoxville with some awesome girls from work. Natalie, one of my friends, goes to church there. Today her church had a huge yard sale and everything they sold went to Missions, which really made me want to go. They had some really great stuff. Since Brian is in full swing of applying for jobs and interviews and he only has one suit, I decided what better place to look for a suit than at a church yard sale. Needless to say, I found a really nice Nautica two-piece suit for $3. I was floored and since Brian was not with me, I found a helpless soul who was about the same size as Brian to try it on. I also got him 2 ties and a brown leather belt (he asked for one for Christmas and didn't get one). I got all of that for $5!!! I was so excited to get home for him to try it on. When I walked in the door I showed him my bag of goodies, which I was so proud of, and he tried the suit on along with one of the ties. It fit him perfectly and it looks so nice!!! He may need to have the coat taken in a little, but I was so excited. Now he has two suits for interviews and even Easter if he wants to wear one. I felt great about my purchases. They have the sale once a year and I just think it's such a great idea! I would love to know how much money they make toward missions. The youth group also had a bake sale going on and when I was checking out people were donating more money then they owed for their purchases. It was such a humbling experience. So that's my STEAL OF A DEAL.

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